War Between Two Big Mobile Companies In September

Apple and Samsung are the two big mobile companies in the world and both have different operating system. Apple have IOs operating system and Samsung have Andriod operating system. 

Blogger Tricks

Blue Color

We like to see blue water in sea which give pleasure to eyes and clear sky with blue color refresh our mind. There are many shades of blue color sky blue, aqua blue, denim blue and dark blue.


How People Are Making Money By Selling Facebook Fan Pages?

I am not joking it is true people are now selling Facebook Fan pages. Now many small companies and individual need Facebook fan pages to advertise their product, getting website traffic and to sell stuff online. Facebook fan pages are great way to show your stuff to your fans and go viral on social networking Websites.


Is Selfie a Disorder?

A study shows that people who are obsessed with selfie have mental disorder. Taking selfie is not mental disorder but taking selfie every minute is mental disorder. Many people take too much selfie because they think selfie is not good and they keep taking selfie unless they get satisfied selfie. 


Ecstasy To Sit Near Beaches

Beaches is most visiting landmark in the world. Almost Everyone like to visit beaches and spent some quality time on beaches. Those who live near beaches like to visit and sit on beaches everyday.

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Lies In Love

Love is feeling where you completely dedicated to person and his/her lies also honesty for you. Many times partner lie in a relationship whether it is to hide anything or do not want to hurt his/her partner.


Do you want Analytic for your Bubblews Posts?

Analytic is report where you can know about your posts traffic where from your posts getting views and where is your post stand in search engines. Below are the few features of Analytic.

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Love Against Money

Have you ever noticed now a days mostly Love in college is money based if you have money then you have girlfriend and if you do not have money you do not have girlfriend.


Top 10 Adsense Alternative For Small Publisher

To get adsense account is very difficult now a days and by chance if you got adsense account then you never know when they will ban your account without any reason and they will not even reply your mail also.

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A Life Of Common Man - Chapter 7

After getting scooter Shahid was very happy and was going tuition on scooter everyday alone. One day after tuition his class mate a girl asked him to drop her at home as she was feeling little fever so Shahid gave her lift.

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